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A damp musty basement can contaminate your entire home, especially when this condition is aggravated with summer humidity.
Often ignored by other ventilation systems, this unpleasant condition can cause structural damage and affect your family’s health.
Designed for homes with full basements, these units have an expandable height from 86.5″-102″, and moves from 180cfm to 230cfm with coverage up to 2100sq.ft.
The Humidex is an air evacuation system that is installed in the basement. Both compact and discrete, the Humidex unit is designed to blend with the decor.

Whole House

The ultimate system to indoor humidity and air quality.
Nothing in your home has more impact on your family’s comfort than interior air quality and humidity.
Humidex® Whole House air exchanger is the most advanced system on the market for addressing these problems. Unlike other systems, it can turn your basement into an additional floor of usable living space, and will maintain consistent humidity and temperature throughout your home while also exhausting toxins that accumulate.
Total comfort and efficiency for the whole house, from basement to bedroom and every room between. Diminish odors. Exhaust toxins. Reduce your energy bill


Humidex has a ventilator unit developed specifically to be used in apartments or slab homes, and it is designed for apartments up to 2,000 square feet.
Excess humidity, due to weather or daily living activities is unavoidable.
Window condensation, musty smells, moisture damaged dry wall, and mold/mildew on walls behind furnishings are signs of excess humidity.
In addition to creating unpleasant and uncomfortable surroundings, they are also a confirmation that likely other airborne pollutants from cleaning products, fumes from paints, furnishings, and carpeting are not being expelled due to a lack of proper ventilation.

Crawl Spaces

This unit is designed for homes with a crawlspace instead of a basement. It will rid the crawlspace of humidity and musty odors associated with crawlspaces. Because it removes humidity, it will also stop the wood from rotting, eliminating costly repairs.
A damp, musty crawlspace can contaminate your entire home, especially with additional summer humidity. In fact, musty odors are evidence of mold and 40 - 50% of the air we breathe indoors has been in your crawlspace.
This condition is often ignored by conventional ventilation systems and is not only unpleasant, it can cause structural damage and affect your family’s health. These problems will get worse unless addressed.

Northeast Humidity Solutions

Northeast Humidity Solutions sells and installs Humidex® brand home air exchange systems, designed to remove excess moisture and improve indoor air quality in your home.

These revolutionary products can reduce energy costs, prevent costly repairs, and help to keep you and your family healthy.


               Improve your Home's Air Quality with a Humidex® Air Exchange System
Manufactured in North America
All units carry patents in the US and Canada.
Humidex® is Home Ventilation Institute Certified
Humidex® is HUD Certified

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